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For a break from the boisterous city life, this Meghalaya 4 day tour package is perfect. This Meghalaya 3 nights
4 days tour package can be conveniently booked from different cities of India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai,
Pune, Bangalore and numerous others. Your tour starts with your arrival in the heart of Meghalaya-Shillong,
visiting locations such as Umiam Lake and the Police Bazaar. You are brought to Cherrapunjee the next day,
where you can visit numerous locations, including Seven Sisters Falls, Dainthlen Falls and Mawsmai Cave.
The third day brings you to Dawki’s border town and the trip then continues to locations such as Riwai Village
and Single Decker Living Root Bridge. There is a lot in store for you on the last day of the tour! Before you
conclude your Guwahati trip, you can visit some of the popular sites, such as the Don Bosco Museum,
Mawphlang Sacred Forest, and Laitlum Canyon. This travel is therefore filled with lots of fun and adventure,
combined with an excursion dependent on preference.
Village of Mawlynnong Mawlynnong Village in Meghalaya is India’s lost gem. Like no other, this village
retains a beauty. It is defined as Asia’s cleanest village. This village draws many tourists owing to this title.
In comparison, the abundant greenery of this location often compels individuals to move here. Living Root Bridge,
Juggling Rock and so on are some of the major highlights of exploring this village. You will visit many exotic places
like this with this.


Day 1 : Arrival at Shillong

Enjoy a dusky Shillong sightseeing trip After arrival at Shillong Airport, you will be escorted to your room.
Paid a visit to Umiam Lake enroute and then resume the trip to the hotel. Check into the hotel for the evening
excursion and renew yourself. Visit Shillong’s biggest commercial hub-Police Bazaar-This Meghalaya Day 3 night
4 day tour kit. Return to the hotel for a nice overnight stop.


Day 2 : Action-packed day in Cherrapunjee


Get ready for a sightseeing trip in Cherrapunjee
Wake up for a tasty morning breakfast and brace yourself for a trip to Cherrapunjee. For a mesmerizing natural
experience, pay en-route visits to Shillong Mountain, Elephanta Falls and Mawkdak Valley. Visit Nohkalikai Falls
after hitting Cherrapunjee, Seven Sisters Falls, Dainthlen Falls and Mawsmai Cave. Taking a walk to Awrah Cave
after a toothy snack. This day of your Meghalaya 3 night 4 day tour package comes to an end with a nice hotel
overnight stay.

Sightseeing/Transfer Activities

Nohkalikai Falls


Nohkalikai Falls in Cherrapunji is the countrys third-highest waterfall, plunging from a dizzying height of 1,120 feet.
It is located about 5 kilometres from the town and is undoubtedly one of Cherrapunjis most popular tourist attractions.
It gushed down from the virgin woods of a hillside and formed a puddle. The monsoons are ideal for bringing the
falls into full bloom, but the beauty of Nohkalikai Falls can be appreciated all year. It is one of Cherrapunjis most
stunning waterfalls.


Mawkdok Dympep Valley


The Mawkdok Dympep Valley, located on the Shillong-Cherrapunji highway, is one of Cherrapunjis most attractive tourist
destinations. Any nature lover and adventure seeker will be drawn to the valleys vast, verdant stretches. Ziplining through
the valley is the most exciting experience, with the cool air touching your body and the elation that follows aerial sports.


Arwah Cave


Arwah Cave, one of Meghalayas most recently discovered caves, is one of Cherrapunjis most under-explored attractions.
Despite its enormous scale, only a portion of it is accessible to visitors. The cave has limestone formations and is home to
millions of year old marine animal fossils!


Dainthlen Waterfall

Dainthlen Falls, located in the East Khasi Hills District near Sohra, is one of Meghalayas many beautiful waterfalls.
According to legend, the waterfall is named after a large snake that was killed by the locals to put an end to the snakes
fear. In reality, some stones near the falls bear inscriptions commemorating this violent yet heroic occurrence.

Seven Sisters Falls

Seven Sisters Falls, Indias fourth highest plunge waterfall, is nestled within the East Khasi Hills District, just a short
distance from Mawsmai village. Its basically a set of seven different waterfalls that are all next to each other. This 315-
meter-high thunderous waterfall, also known as Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai Falls, is one of Cherrapunjis most
beautiful spots.


Mawsmai Cave


Mawsmai Cave is a gateway to the world of underground adventure and is one of the most easily accessible of
Cherrapunjis many caves. Its easy enough to navigate that you wont need a guide. Mawsmai Cave, one of Cherrapunjis
most popular tourist attractions, is about 6 kilometres from the main town. The cave greets you with a yawning entrance
and tapers down a little further ahead, shaded by a dense canopy of trees.


Day 3 : Drive to Dawki

Catch a glimpse of the picturesque villages around Shillong
Get yourself able to travel to Dawki, the border town between India and Bangladesh, after getting a hearty breakfast. On
this day of your 3-night 4-day Meghalaya tour package, pay a visit to the tourist suspension bridge over the Umngot river
and take a country boat trip in the Umngot river. After, proceed to Mawlynnong Town, Asia’s cleanest village. Take a rest
to enjoy your tasty meal. Go on to the neighboring Riwai Village and Single Decker Living Root Bridge for sightseeing. For
a nice overnight stay at a hotel, return to Shillong.


Sightseeing/Transfer Activities

Double Decker Living Root Bridge


One of Cherrapunjis most admired wonders is the Double Decker Living Root Bridge. The famous Double Decker Living
Root Bridge, nestled in the thick green forests of Meghalaya, is blessed with rain for the majority of the year. It is one of
Meghalayas most beautiful partially man-made structures, built in part by the Khasi tribe, who conditioned the roots to
grow in a specific way.



Dawki, a lovely little town on Meghalayas south-eastern frontier, is about 82 kilometres from Shillong. The exciting drive to
Dwaki is littered with vines and gorges, and it is cradled in the laps of the Jaintia Hills. The magical, emerald-colored river
Umngot that runs through town is the towns highlight. It is thought to be one of Indias cleanest rivers, which is truly


Mawlynnong Village

Mawlynnong is the cleanest village in Asia and one of the most beautiful destinations in North East India. With its clean,
working toilets in every house and plastic ban, Mawlynnong is light years ahead of its time in terms of Indian villages.
Despite this, it manages to retain a rustic, old-world charm that makes you feel as though youve travelled back in time.


Day 4 : Sightseeing in Shillong and Guwahati

Day 4 is the last day of your journey.
Enjoy your last breakfast in Shillong and get ready for your hotel checkout, as this day marks the last day of your 4-day
Meghalaya Tour Package for 3 nights. Taking a heartfelt tour of Shillong by visiting sites such as the Don Bosco Museum,
Mawphlang Sacred Forest, and Laitlum Canyon before the trip finishes. Proceed with your trip to Guwahati and visit
Kamakhya Temple. Later, drop down at Guwahati Railway Station and join the train home with the tour’s nice memories.


Other Facility

  • Free Wi-Fi


  • Transfers
  • Private Cab
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Accommodation Shillong and Cherrapunji
  • Sightseeing
  • Meal plan: Breakfast and Dinner
  • Local transfers
  • Toll Tax and Parking


  • Air fare/train fare
  • Meal Plan: Dinner
  • Government Taxes/GST/Service Charges
  • Conservation Fee
  • Mineral water on coaches & buses
  • Tips & gratuities for drivers & guides
  • Porterage fees
  • Drinks (either with meals, vehicles or during tours, unless otherwise indicated)
  • Entry Fee Charges
  • Green Fees and Environment Fees
  • Waiting or additional transfer fees
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Anything not mentioned in inclusions



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